Universitas Dhyana Pura (Genap 2014-2015)

Status PT : Aktif
Perguruan Tinggi : Universitas Dhyana Pura
Tanggal Berdiri : 7 Juli 2011
Nomor SK PT : 142/E/O/2011
Tanggal SK PT : 7 Juli 2011
Alamat : Br. Tegaljaya, Dalung, Kuta Utara, Badung, Bali
Kota/Kabupaten : Kab. Badung – Prop. Bali – Indonesia
Kode Pos : 80361
Telepon : 0361-426450
Faximile : 0361-426452
Email : undhirabali@undhirabali.ac.id
Website : http://www.undhirabali.ac.id


Daftar Program Studi
No. Kode Nama Program Studi Status Jenjang Jml Dosen Tetap Jml Mhs Rasio Dosen Tetap/Jumlah Mahasiswa
1 46201 Biologi Aktif S1 6 14 1 : 2.3
2 11202 Fisioterapi Aktif S1 8 150 1 : 18.8
3 13211 Ilmu Gizi Aktif S1 8 73 1 : 9.1
4 13201 Kesehatan Masyarakat Aktif S1 13 96 1 : 7.4
5 61201 Manajemen Aktif S1 23 792 1 : 34.4
6 86207 Pendidikan Guru Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini Aktif S1 7 33 1 : 4.7
7 83206 Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga Aktif S1 9 31 1 : 3.4
8 13262 Perekam dan Informasi Kesehatan Aktif S1 11 241 1 : 21.9
9 73201 Psikologi Aktif S1 7 99 1 : 14.1
10 79202 Sastra Inggris Aktif S1 9 67 1 : 7.4
11 57201 Sistem Informasi Aktif S1 6 21 1 : 3.5
12 55201 Teknik Informatika Aktif S1 7 38 1 : 5.4
13 61404 Manajemen Pemasaran Aktif D3 6 16 1 : 2.7
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Info Jurusan dan Program Studi

Info Jurusan dan Program Studi

Jurusan Manajemen dan Bisnis

Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra

Jurusan Psikologi

Jurusan Komputer

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Segenap Civitas Akademika Universitas Dhyana Pura Bali Mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan

Kartu Galungan 2013

Berkenaan dengan Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan dengan ini disampaikan kepada seluruh mahasiswa Universitas Dhyana Pura Perkuliahan semua Program Studi diliburkan dari tanggal:
21 – 26 Oktober 2013.

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The Bali Dhyana Pura University

The Bali Dhyana Pura University (Universitas Dhyana Pura, or UNDHIRA) is a new university and a well-established educational institution at the same time. What is now UNDHIRA started in 1987 with the Dhyana Pura Tourism Education and Training Center (Pusat Pendidikan dan Latihan Pariwisata, or PPLP), which started to grant bachelor’s degree in hospitality management in 2001, and was granted a full university status in 2011.

The University seeks to become a small, yet highly qualified international university with a distinct focus on tourism, coupled with an emphasis on sustainable entrepreneurship as well as service-based learning. Currently, the University has an enrollment of 1,116 students with 179 full-time and adjunct lecturers, and 105 staff members. Some of the staff members are also lecturers.



1987 – The first training program had 30 students, taking place at the Dhyana Pura Hotel in Seminyak, Kuta. The program offered certifications for aspiring hospitality professionals, as a response to the growing demand highly qualified hospitality practitioners in Bali.

1994 –  The program grew rapidy and the campus moved to the current 30,000 m2 location in Dalung—just 15 minutes north of Kuta, the heart of Bali’s tourism and 15 minutes from the capital city of Denpasar.

2001 –  The Dhyana Pura Foundation was granted the authority to start the Dhyana Pura Tourism Management College (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Management, or STIM). The college specializes in hospitality and tourism, offering bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management and tourism business.

2008 –  Nicolaas Speelman of IISI, STIM and Inholland University started an international semester program of “Intrapreneurship in Another Perspective” at the Dhyana Pura Campus.

2011 –  The higher education institution was granted a full status university status. The university now awards nationally recognized four-year bachelor’s degrees in thirteen different study programs.

2012 –  The International School of Intrapreneurship and Sustainability (ISIS) was established as the international wing of UNDHIRA. ISIS is the next step of the development of internationalization at UNDHIRA, with a distinct focus on sustainable business with a local context.


The Setting

Bali is known the world over as “the island of the Gods” with its unparalleled beauty, coupled with the harmonious interaction between culture and spirituality. The Balinese people believe that the golden rule of life is to maintain a balance in man’s relationship with his God, his community, and his environment.

The center of Bali’s tourism and economic activities is the southern regency of Badung. Rich with lively beaches and blessed with serene cultural heritage, Badung Regency is central to the island’s development and provides a perfect setting for the Dhyana Pura University. The University is located in the sprawling suburb of Dalung, just 30-minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, 15-minutes from Kuta’s lively tourism areas, and a mere 10 minutes away from the main arteries of economic activities in Denpasar. The campus is modern yet lush and green, in keeping with its natural surrounding. It acts as a truly conducive hub for learning.



The vision of the Bali Dhyana Pura University to become a center of excellence and an exemplary university in Indonesia.



The vision of the Dhyana Pura University is to become a center of holistic education in developing wholesome, highly qualified human beings academically, professionally, behaviorally, and spiritually with strong moral characters.



To provide young adults with unique skill sets and international exposure to enable them to be responsible and respectful individuals, able to contribute to the development of a more healthful and sustainable global environment.

To educate the whole person in developing academic, professional and spiritual skills essential to thrive and contribute to a safe, just and healthy society.

To serve God and our nation through education, training, research, and community service.

To establish and maintain a center of study, exploration, and research of science, technology, arts, and culture for central and east Indonesia.

To promote critical thinking, creativity, and innovation based on societal realism and cultural sensitivity.

To develop forward-thinking and competent individuals in science, tourism, arts, and culture to support the advancement of societies in central and east Indonesia.



The motto of the Dhyana Pura University is “the morning of the world,” signifying its aspiration to become the initiator in the fields of science and technology, while cultivating a deep appreciation for the region’s arts and culture—just as the morning dawn welcomes the new day to come.



Bali is an island rich in symbolism. This is resonated in the logo of the Bali Dhyana Pura University, which portrays a human figure in meditation, symbolizing self-reflection and recognizing that the fear of God is the basis of all knowledge. The three connected heads within the full circle represent holistic human capital development: scientific knowledge, spirituality, and culturally sensitive morality. The University seeks to put this symbolism into practice by cultivate academic, emotional, and spiritual intelligence in all its endeavors.



The Bali Dhyana Pura University has a set of values, called the seven characters of Undhira, in pursuing excellence for holistic education:


(1)     Self Confidence

Cultivating well-educated, self-reliant individuals with the confidence to compete in the real world. A self-confident individual has the capacity and desire to think progressively with a commitment to act responsibly.

(2)     Integrity

Educating individuals whose thoughts, words and actions are harmonious, honest, and based on the fear of God. Integrity has to do with honesty, loyalty, and dependability.

(3)     Pluralism

Having the tolerance and mutual respect for diversity in culture and society, as well as being able to work cooperatively in heterogeneous communities.

(4)     Entre-Intrapreneurship

Developing the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-motivation to increase society’s welfare with a socially and environmentally responsible approach. Intrapreneurship in another perspective is the capability and willingness to think and to act in an innovative, economically responsible way and to contribute significantly to a sustainable, peaceful environment, in which humanitarian equity, respect, and subservience are essential features.

(5)     Servant Leadership

Creating leaders with the principle of servitude for all mankind. A servant leader is an inspiring visionary who put others before himself/herself.

(6)     Professionalism

Educating and training highly qualified, highly competent individuals with exceptional work ethics.

(7)     Global cooperation

Promoting internationalization, strategic interaction and global mobility to enhance individuals’ competitiveness in the national and international stages. Global cooperation involves mastery in language and technology, as well as balancing independence with openness while keeping a uniquely local point of view.


Study Programs

There are thirteen study programs at the Bali Dhyana Pura University, organized under two faculties: (1) the faculty of economics and humanities, and (2) the faculty of health, science, and technology. In addition, there are ten different programs offered under the Tourism Education and Training Center (PPLP) with: (1) one-year certificates, (2) two-year certificates, (3) three-year certificates.


Faculty of Economics and Humanities

The six study programs under the faculty of economics and humanities include:

(a)    Management (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(b)   Early Childhood Education (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(c)    Family Welfare Education (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(d)   English (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(e)    Psychology (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(f)     Marketing (3-year diploma)


Faculty of Health, Science, and Technology

The seven study programs under the faculty of Health, Science, and Technology include:

(a)    Information Technology (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(b)   Information Systems (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(c)    Biology (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(d)   Nutrition Science (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(e)    Public Health Science (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(f)     Medical Records and Health Information (4-year bachelor’s degree)

(g)    Physiotherapy (4-year bachelor’s degree)


Tourism Education and Training Center

The study programs offered by the tourism education and training center include:

(a)    Housekeeping (1-year training program)

(b)   Front Office (1-year training program)

(c)    Food and Beverage Service (1-year and 2-year training programs)

(d)   Food and Beverage Production (1-year and 2-year training programs)

(e)    Rooms Division (2-year training program)

(f)     Public Relations and Secretarial (2-year training program)

(g)    Computerized Accounting for Hospitality (2-year training program)

(h)    Tours and Travel (2-year training program)

(i)      Food and Beverage Management (3-year training program)

(j)     Rooms Division Management (3-year training program)


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Studying in Bali

Studying in Bali

The 21 week study abroad program  ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ in Bali starts every academic year in September and February. During this English semester program you will be introduced to the basic principles of intrapreneurship in another perspective. You will learn to apply your skills and creatively to contribute to a sustainable and peaceful global society. Maximal 20 students every semester will have the time of their life in Bali. What are your plans?

The intrapraneur

An intrapreneur is able to deliver an essential contribution to a sustainable, peaceful and international society through innovative thinking and responsible entrepreneurship. Towards a particular society based upon humanitarian equality, respect and helpfulness. Are you a potential intrapreneur?

The program

This intensive English program  ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ offers you an insight in the basic principles of intrapreneurship. The educational concepts are according to the principles of ‘service learning ’ and ‘action learning’. The theoretical knowledge gained during this minor is immediately put into practice, by doing applied research and fieldwork in small scaled communities in Tabanan. An intensive course of Bahasa Indonesian will be a structural part of the program. During the whole program you will work on your individual project, directly linked to your study/discipline.

The program will be executed by well-qualified lecturers of the Bali Dhyana Pura University and some guest lecturers next to professionals as well. Together with international fellow students you will learn and experience to apply intrapreneurship in another perspective as a tool and an attitude to improve the economic and social-cultural situation in Bali, as part of the Third World.

For whom?

Enrolment of the study abroad program ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ is open for every student in Europe in their fifth, sixth or seventh semester. The quality of the program will be controlled by an international steering group, with representatives from Heilbronn University and professionals with a long experience in higher education. Students can earn 30 ECTS-credits, when they successfully finish this study abroad program. Depending on your specific course background you will be dealing with different aspects of the Balinese society and environment, related to the subject of your individual project.

Due to the availability of total 40 study places over 2 semesters, a selection of participants will be held during Spring and Autumn of every year.

Students will be selected by:

  • Having passed successfully 4 semesters of their Bachelor’s program;
  • Their motivation to apply for this program.
  • Having enough skills to live on a small campus and act in a group of international students during 21 weeks.

The representation of different skills of expertise within the group to be selected will also be taken into account for selection.

Information and application

Is 21 weeks in Bali something for you? Please contact than Christine Sari (head of the international department) or Chris Susanto (program coordinator) by mailing to Undhira.international@gmail.com. You will receive more detailed information about this program.


The study abroad program ‘Intrapreneurship in another perspective’ will be offered by the International School of Intrapreneurship & Sustainability (ISIS), the international department of the Bali Dhyana Pura University in Dalung-Bali.


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Perayaan Dies Natalis Ke-2 – Undhira Bali Berupaya Jadi PTS Teladan dan Unggulan

Perayaan Dies Natalis Ke-2 – Undhira Bali Berupaya Jadi PTS Teladan dan Unggulan

Dies Undhira 2Perayaan Dies Natalis Ke-2 – Undhira Bali Berupaya Jadi PTS Teladan dan Unggulan

Universitas Dhyana Pura Bali 7 Juli  2013 genap bersuia 2 tahun.  Senin (8/7) kemarin di aula kampus setempat.  Perayaan HUT yang bertemakan “Memasyarakatkan Undhira Menjadi Perguruan Tinggi Teladan dan Unggulan” tersebut dihadiri Bupati Badung AA Gde Agung. Kepala Dinas Pariwisata Kota Denpasar Drs. Putu Budiasa mewakili Walikota, Ketua Yayasan Dhyana Pura Dr. I Wayan Damayana. Sementara pimpinan Undhira hadir  diantaranya Dr.dr. Made Nyandra, SpKJ., M.Repro,  Wakil Rektor I  GB Rai Utama, WR II Made Darmayasa, para Dekan dan Kaprodi.

Ketua Panitia Made Elia Cahaya mengatakan, menyongsong dan memeriahkan hari jadi Undhira, berbagai kegiatan dilaksanakan seperti jalan sehat, donor darah, operasi katarak, penanaman mangrove dan sebagainya.

Sementara perayaan Dies diawali dengan ibadah syukur yang dipimpin Bishop Dr. Ketut Waspada. Dalam perayaan Dies  juga diisi dengan penandatangan komitmen  mendukung 30 kuliner Tradisional Indonesia  dan pendatanganan MoU dengan MARS Indonesia tentang pendirian Bali Research Center.

Rektor Undhira Dr.dr. Made Nyandra, SpKJ., M.Repro mengatakan ke depan Undhira berupaya menjadi PTS teladan dan unggulan, serta mampu menjadi bagian dari masyarakat. Pihaknya merasa bangga karena Undhira yang baru berusia 2 tahun sudah semakin dikenal masyarakat.  Jumlah mahasiswanya juga mengalami peningkatan signifikan.

Dikatakan melalui penandatangan MoU dengan MARS, diharapkan berdiri Bali Research Center. Lembaga ini nantinya diharapkan mampu menelorkan hasil penelitian dalam berbagai bidang. Hasil penelitian itu nantinya dikontribusikan ke pada pemangku kepentingan.  Demikian juga dengan adanya penandatangan komitmen  mendukung 30 kuliner tradisional Indonesia, diharapkan menu-menu masakan tradisional bisa diangkat ke permukaan sehingga lebih dikenal  oleh masyarakat dunia. “Tiga puluh kuliner Indonesia itu akan kami ajarkan di Undhira”. Katanya.

Kata Nyandra, semua prodi di Undhira sedang proses akreditasi dari BAN-PT. Pelaksanaan tri dharma PT, akan terus dimatangkan. Guna menghasilkan lulusan yang lebih berkualitas diupayakan ada peningkatan kemampuan atau kuliafikasi pendidikan para dosen. Demikian juga di bidang penelitian, ditargetkan ada peningkatan.  Jika selama ini baru ada empat hibah  penelitian diperoleh, ke depan diharapkan lebih banyak lagi.  Demikian halnya di bidang pengabdian masyarakat program “Hello In People –Health long life and intellectual people” yang dimiliki akan terus dikembangkan.  Sebab program pendidikan untuk kalangan usia lanjut ini tyerbukti mampu menurunkan score depresi  dan meningkatkan kulaitas  hidup secara signifikan.

Seperti diketahui Undhira awalnya bernama Pusat Pendidikan dan Latihan Pariwisata (PPLP)  Dhyana Pura pada 1987.  Kemudian tahun 2001meningkat statusnya menjadi STIM Dhyana Pura dan pada tanggal 7 Juli 2011 menjadi Undhira Bali.  Dengan 1 PPLP dan 2 Fakultas yaitu Fakultas Ekonomika dan Humaniora  dengan prodi Manajemen, Manajemen Pemasaran, Psikologi, Sastra Inggris, PG PAUD dan PKK dan Fakultas Ilmu Kesehatan, Sains dan Teknologi dengan prodi Ilmu Kesehatan Masayarakat, Ilmu Gizi, Fisioterapi, Perekam dan Informasi Kesehatan, Biologi, Sistem Informasi dan Prodi Tehnik Informatika. Sementara itu Undhira Bali masih membuka pendaftaran mahasiswa baru hingga akhir Juli 2013

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Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Universitas dan PPLP Dhyana Pura

Info selengkapnya dapat dilihat di http://undhirabali.ac.id/

Pendaftaran Online, dapat dilakukan di http://pmb.undhirabali.ac.id/

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